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In response to eco-friendly and energy saving, Nefful International will fully computerize the Commission Statement by the year 2017, paper statement letters will no longer be sent by then. In order to ensure the delivery of your E-Statements, kindly login to the Nefful Commission Enquiry system and reconfirm your email address. Any corrections should be reported before 31st July 2016 as not to affect your rights and interests; to whom information is not amended, current system information will be considered as up-to-date. Beginning August 2016, both E-Statements and statement letters will be sent out for 5 months, whereafter only Estatements will be sent out. Let us together achieve the paperless goal, so we can do our part towards becoming even more eco-friendly! ¡°Email Address confirmation: Kindly login to Nefful Commission Enquiry system, verify personal information (Email address): If any amendment is needed, please notify any Nefful office before 31st July 2016.

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